MIXo Basics for Desktop Browser

<Getting Started with Mixonium>

This tutorial is for the Web version of MIXONIUM.  [For the iOS App, click here].  We encourage you to follow this tutorial while setting up your account and making your first few posts, pausing as necessary while you try the various features.  

A few things before we get started.  First, every MIXONIUM post you create is Cloud-based and has its own unique URL or Permalink.  Think of each and every post as a mini website.  This means it can be changed whenever you so desire, shared with one person or millions, and deleted forever in a split second.  If one cell needs changing there is no need to republish the entire post – simply update that cell and this new content is what everyone will now see.  Finally, MIXONIUM gives you up to seven compartments to work with, but there is no requirement to fill all of them.  

Now, let’s get started.

<Creating a New Account>

From the MIXONIUM website, select the blue “Sign Up” icon at the top right of the page.  This will take you to our sign-up page.  Here you will enter your full name, choose a Username, and select the account type.  Your Username will be your account ID and will be part of your profile.  If you are an individual, select a personal username.  If you are setting up an account for an Organization you may want a User ID that reflects the name of your entity.  Your email will also be another way to log into the account and will be required so that posts you create can be sent to you.  Your password should be memorable and at least six characters long.  Review the MIXONIUM terms and check the box accordingly.  Then select the blue box to start your free trial.

<Creating your Profile>

First, start with setting up your profile.  

Select the profile post and you will be taken to the editing tool.  Focus on the largest compartment – called the Hero Cell – in the upper left corner.  This will be your profile picture.  You can select “Choose File” to select a photo from your computer, or you can simply drag and drop an image from your desktop or files into that cell.   While you can put virtually any publishable file or link in the hero cell, for your profile we recommend an image.

Once selected, the image will upload.  From there you can select the “gear” symbol in the upper right corner of the compartment to scale the image or add a title if desired.  You can stop there, or continue to add files to the other compartments – such as other photos, a video or audio message, a PDF, a map, your LinkedIn profile, your Facebook page, or links to relevant websites.

<Titles and Abstracts>

Once you create a title for your post and hit the “Save” icon your title will update in the upper right corner of the post.  This title, which you can change any time, will be the identifier for that post.  In the “Abstract” section of the Editing tool you can enter as much text as you desire.  Generally, you may want to keep this fairly concise.  If you have a great deal to say, we recommend creating a PDF and inserting it into one of the compartments for a better viewing experience.

<Viewing your Post>

To view your Post as others will see it, select the blue “View Post” icon at the top of the web page.  This will open a new tab showing you the MIXONIUM post you have just created.  Click any cell to see its contents to make sure they are loading correctly.  If anything is failing, return to the Edit tab and make any corrections needed.  When you are finished, simply close the post viewing tab.

<Creating a New Post>

To create a new post, select the “Create Post” icon on the top left corner of the landing page where your posts reside.  This will launch a new post.  From there you can follow the same procedures as making your profile.  Drag and drop files from your desktop including photos, videos, audio files, or PDF files.  Or you can select “Choose File” to access your computer files.  For weblinks such as YouTube, Dropbox, Facebook, maps or any website, you can select the “link” text in the center of each compartment.  Keep in mind that MIXONIUM will not allow you to upload files that are still in authoring mode such as Word, Excel or Powerpoint.  These must be converted to a published format such as PDF.  Alternatively, you can upload these types of files to Dropbox or similar platform, and insert the Dropbox link into a compartment.

<Cropping Cover Images>

To crop a cover image for a compartment, select the gear icon in that compartment and use your mouse to resize and move the image as desired.  Select “Crop Image” when you are finished.

<Replacing Cover Image>

To replace a cover image for a compartment, select the gear icon in that compartment and select the “Choose File” icon directly under the image thumbnail in the upper left corner.  This will bring up your file options where you can select the image you want.  Once selected, follow the same steps for cropping as desired.

<Who Can See Your Post>

All new posts default to the “Private” setting.  To make a post public, select the “Post Visibility” option you desire at the bottom center of the post editing tool.  Select “Private” and only you can see this post.  Select “public” and this post becomes searchable and all MIXONIUM subscribers can see this post.  To limit the visibility, select “Clubs Only”.  Directly to the right of the Visibility options you can click on the “Clubs” box to see the various Clubs you can assign this specific post to.  This can be a private club with you as the sole member, which allows only those you send the post to see it, or select a club where other members of that club can view the post.

<Cloning a Post>

In an instance where you want to duplicate a post to create a new URL or modify some of the content of a post while keeping the original post in tact, simply select the blue “Clone Post” icon at the bottom left of the Editing tool and that post will be duplicated in its entirety.  From there you can modify the new post accordingly.

<Publishing Your Post>

Once you have created your post and selected the appropriate Visibility setting, you are ready to publish your post.  There are many options and forums for this.  You can simply leave the post in a Club for others to see,  or go outside of the MIXONIUM platform.  

Each Post has a unique URL or web link.  If you click on the green “Share” icon in the top right corner of the editing tool several options will appear in a pop-out menu.  You can click on Facebook or Twitter and these applications will launch.  If you select the “Email” icon the post will be sent directly to the inbox of the email associated with your MIXONIUM account.

Below those options you will see the “Link” option.  Here you can copy the unique URL for this specific Post, and from there you can paste it to Facebook, Tweet it, or post to any other forum of your choosing that can accept a URL.

If you want more advanced publishing options, click on the downward facing arrow and you will be given the Embed Code for embedding your post in a website or blog and the “Post Image” URL for the thumbnail of your post.

<Tracking Your Post>

Want to see who is viewing your post and where they are geographically?  In the upper right corner of the Editing tool select the “Stats” icon.  This will launch thumbnail overly of what cells are being viewed most and a map of where in the world they are being viewed.

If you have a lot of posts that you are monitoring, select the “Analytics” option at the top left side of the MIXONIUM website.  This will give you a list of all of your posts, and a summary of each one’s activity.

<Changing Your Profile>

In the upper right corner of your MIXONIUM home page you will find a pull-down menu where you can edit your profile settings and account information.   For organizations or families, under the “Account” tab you can invite a new user to your account.

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