How To: Share a post via Mail Chimp

Overview: Embedding a post in a mail service involves 3 steps:
  1. Create a Campaign,
  2. Insert the post "social thumb" image into the content area of your email
  3. Link the image to the post web page,
  4. Finish your write up and send the email!
Detailed Steps:
  1. In Mail Chimp Navigate to the Campaign Builder by choosing "Create a Campaign" and select "Regular 'Ol Campaign".  Choose which list you want to sent the email to and complete the campaign setup including selecting an suitable template.  Any single column template will do.
  2. In the designer choose the "Browse" button to inset an image into the template:
  3. In the File Manager choose "Import from URL":
  4. On the Post Edit page for the post you want to share, choose "Share".  In the share dialog, click on the arrow next to the Link field: Scroll down to the Post Image Field, copy the URL and paste it into the import from URL dialog and choose import.  The Social Thumb image will now display in the content area.  
  5. Copy the Link image from the MIXONIUM Post Edit:Share dialog. (See the Link field in the image above)
  6. Back in Mail Chimp, choose the edit icon on the image cell, then choose the Link Button on the image pane on the right.  Paste the URL into the field and choose "Insert". 
  7. Finish editing the Template , choose next and "You're all set to send!"

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